Your Short Guide On Climate Controlled Storage Units

Posted on: 1 August 2022

You have many choices when you are looking for a storage unit. Oftentimes, you can choose the facility, the size, the location, and other features of the unit. Another choice you may have is whether you want a storage unit that has climate control or not. It's important to understand that some facilities have a combination of units with and without climate control, and some only offer climate-controlled units. Before you make your choice, you should read this short guide on climate-controlled units. 

Climate-controlled storage units offer four main things

1: Climate-controlled units offer heating when the temperatures drop outside

2: They offer cooling when the temperatures go up outside

3: The climate control removes humidity from the units during humid conditions

4: Climate-controlled units also have better air quality 

Climate-controlled storage units can keep many items in better condition

If you were to store your items in a shed in your backyard, then many of your things could be destroyed over time. This would be due to them being exposed to very hot temperatures, then very cold temperatures. Also, high levels of humidity would take a toll on those things as well. Even bad air quality can take its toll on some of your furniture. You can end up with a lot of dust in the cushions of things like your sofa and chairs. If the storage area isn't well sealed, then pests could be a problem as well. Storage units offering climate control also have the advantage of being sealed well. Some types of things that can be negatively impacted by being stored in extreme temperatures and/or humidity include: 

  • Wood items - Furniture, toys, and musical instruments

  • Leather pieces - upholstery, jackets, and handbags

  • Household electronics - TVs, gaming consoles, and projectors

  • Household appliances - Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers

  • Artwork - Photographs, paintings, wax sculptures


After reading this information, you may find that the decision is easier to make. When you are putting your things in storage, you want to know they are safe. The best way for you to truly know that is to know that the temperature and humidity is being controlled. A big plus is you'll also be comfortable when you are in the unit for any reason. Another thing to think about is if you have allergies, or other respiratory problems, then going into a dusty storage unit may be very hard on you. With the better air quality of climate-controlled units, you will feel better physically. 

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