4 Secrets To Organizing Your Closet

Posted on: 1 June 2021

Your closet can seem like a never-ending disaster, a place where you shove all your shirts, bottoms, coats, accessories, and shoes. However, your closet doesn't have to be a disaster; it can be an organized and valuable space in your home.

#1: Customize Shelving

Use shelving that you can easily adjust. You will want to leave about a foot of space between the shelves when you install them. Then, as you figure out how you want to use the shelving, adjust the shelving to fit your items.

For example, if you have high-heeled shoes you want to store in your closet, raise the shelves and allow more space between each layer. Or, if you want to put clothing on the shelves and you don't want to stack your shirts up a foot high, add shelves so that you have smaller compartments.

Install shelving that you can adjust up and down by the inch and adjust the shelving to work to fit your specific storage needs.

#2: Store Items Based on How Frequently You Use Items

Next, you are going to want to store items based on how frequently you use the items. For example, if there are items that you don't use regularly, you will want to put them in the back of your closet if it has some depth to it or higher up in your closet.

Put the items you use the most in the middle and center of your closet so that you can easily access them. Remember, it is okay to swap out the items you use the most frequently throughout the year.

#3: Use Categories to Group Items

Third, you are going to want to use categories to group items together. How you group items together are up to you. Maybe you want to hang all of your tops together that are the same style or that are the same color.

Maybe you want to group together bottoms that are the same color, or maybe you want to group bottoms based on the style, such as all capris together, all pants together, all shorts together. Having categories for items will help you more easily organize things.

#4: Use Matching Storage Items

Fourth, you are going to want to use matching storage items. For example, invest in hangers that match your entire closet — get rid of all the misfit hangers. Use the same type of containers and shoeboxes throughout your home. Using the same storage containers will help to create uniformity throughout your closet.

When it comes to organizing your closet, add shelving that you can easily adjust. Store items that you frequently use where you can quickly grab them. Create categories and use those categories to help you organize things. Use matching storage items to give your closets a uniform look.

Contact a provider of closet organization solutions to learn more.


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