3 Main Types Of Self-Storage Units

Posted on: 23 February 2021

When clutter starts building up in your house, it means it's time to consider a storage system. Many homeowners think of self-storage units when they want to store classic items or valuables. Whatever your reason for hiring a self-storage unit, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of storage units. Here's a breakdown of three main types of self-storage units.

1. Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

This kind of storage is mainly offered in enclosed buildings. The storage units are humidity and temperature-controlled. Access to these units is limited to authorized people. Additionally, the buildings are typically closely monitored with high-definition security cameras. You can access your items at any time of day.

One of the main advantages is that the storage environment is the same as the inside of your home or office. The delivery and retrieval of your assets are aided by the use of pull carts, freight elevators, and dollies.

Companies dealing with these units also offer packing supplies. Some of the items you can store in climate-controlled storage units are collectibles, family heirlooms, upholstered furniture, wine, and precise tools and electronics.

2. Non-Climate Controlled Storage

Self-storage units that are non-climate controlled are usually not contained in an enclosed building. This means the items in the unit are exposed to humidity, moisture, outside heat, and cold. Since temperature and moisture fluctuations can result in mold and mildew growth, these units aren't suited for sensitive items.

One of the advantages of non-climate-controlled storage units is that they're much more affordable compared to climate-controlled storage units. Some of the items you can store in non-climate-controlled storage units include metal furniture, lawn equipment, tools, and dishes. Many people also use these outside storage units to store vehicles, trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats.

3. Mobile Storage

If you want a temporary place to store precious items while you engage in renovations, you should use mobile storage. These storage units can be delivered to your home by the storage company. These units are often called pods. Mobile storage units resemble small train cars and come in a wide range of sizes. 

The storage unit service will leave the pods on your compound for an agreed-upon time. If you want to move out of your current home or office, you can pack your items in the pods, and the storage unit service will take the units to your new home.

These storage units are a great and cheap alternative to hiring bulky trucks or moving companies. The storage company can also store the mobile unit at their headquarters if you don't have enough room in your compound. For more information, contact a company like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.


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