The Top Heated Storage Questions Answered

Posted on: 4 June 2020

Why do you need heated storage? If you're not sure what type of storage unit you need, take a look at the answers to the top questions about heated rentals.

Are All Storage Units Heated?

Unlike residential and commercial buildings, storage units don't always have an indoor heating system. Climate controls are an added amenity that only some storage facilities offer. If you need a unit with heat, cooling, or humidity control, ask the facility's manager or staff about the rental options. Some facilities offer both heated and unheated alternatives.

Are Heated Rentals More Expensive Than Non-Climate-Controlled Units?

There's no universal answer to this question. The price you pay for a storage unit depends on several factors. These include the company's choice, the square footage (inside the unit), security, and other add-ons or upgraded features. Before you sign a storage unit rental contract, ask about prices for different types of units, and make sure the facility's staff knows you need one with heat.

What Items Belong in Heated Storage?

Some items require a specific indoor environment for long-term storage. These may include musical instruments, artwork (paintings, sculptures, or photographs), electronics, delicate or important documents, wooden furniture, collectibles, cosmetic products, leather clothing or furniture, and some types of athletic equipment.

High temperatures could warp wood, ruin valuable musical instruments, or damage artwork. If the rental unit doesn't have climate controls, the heated rental may not provide the protection you need for every delicate item. Discuss how the heat is used in the rental with the storage facility's staff before you choose what you want to store.

If you don't feel a heated unit is the best fit for your instruments, art, or other fragile items, it can help to keep anything from out-of-season clothes to your upholstered furniture warm during the cooler months.

Does Heated Storage Mean Hot Storage?

Don't expect your heated self-storage rental to swelter like a sauna. A heated rental unit does not equal hot storage. Think of the heat in a storage unit as the same type of climate controls in your home. You turn on the heater in the winter. But it's not likely you would set the thermostat at an uncomfortably high temperature. The same moderate approach is used in heated self-storage.

Do You Need a Heated Rental in the Summer?

If it seems like a heated self-storage unit is only necessary in the winter months, think again. Even though you're more likely to need or use a heated indoor storage setting during the coldest time of the year, a cool summer night or a sudden cold stretch can damage items that require a specific storage temperature range.


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