Questions To Ask A Self-Storage Facility Before Renting

Posted on: 19 February 2020

Need to rent a storage unit, but not sure which one will be best for you? Here are some questions to ask when selecting a storage facility.

Are Moving Trucks Offered?

You may be surprised to learn that many storage facilities offer the use of a moving truck for free as part of renting a storage unit from their facility. If you don't have a very large vehicle, this can make moving belongings to the storage unit incredibly easy. You'll end up getting the storage unit packed much faster by not needing to make multiple trips and save yourself the cost of renting a moving truck. 

Are Climate Controls Offered?

You likely have some items that you are storing that can benefit from being in climate-controlled storage. This includes electronic devices that can have the electronic components inside damaged by humidity that cause corrosion, or furniture items made with leather that can easily become cracked when exposed to cold temperatures. Ask if there are climate-controlled units available that can help protect these items. 

Is It Easy To Upgrade?

Chances are that you will run out of space in the storage unit at some point, but what do you do when that happens? Your storage facility should offer you the ability to upgrade to a larger unit if they are available. Ask about how the process works, if there are any fees for upgrading, and other questions you have about the process. If upgrading is easy, you can always start with a small unit and upgrade to a larger one if you need it. 

How Secure Is The Facility?

Get a handle on what the security is like in the facility where you are renting. If it is an indoor unit, find out when people can access the building, if there is always a staff member in the building, and if there are security cameras. Having several deterrents is definitely going to make someone less likely to break into your storage unit.

How Do You End Your Contract?

You'll also want to know how it will work when the day comes when you finally want to stop using the storage unit. Figure out if you need to pay for the final month of service in full, even if you are not using the facility because your unit is empty. Some facilities only charge you for a partial month, which can save you money. 

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