4 Worthwhile Reasons To Put Your RV Into Storage During The Off-Season

Posted on: 18 February 2020

If you own a home and an RV, you may find that you can park the RV in your driveway or even on a dirt spot in your backyard during the offseason. However, while these options may give you a solution for RV storage, you will likely find that renting a storage unit for the RV is a better choice.

The offseason can range anywhere from a couple of months to most of the year depending on where you live and where you like to travel in your RV. For instance, you may find that the road conditions in cold climates during winter to be harsh enough to avoid going on winter trips. Renting a storage unit whether you have a short or long offseason is smart for several reasons.

Weather Conditions

Parking your RV outside means that it will be exposed to all the weather conditions throughout the offseason. If winter comes and you need to start salting your driveway and sidewalk to avoid ice buildup, you may find your RV sustaining extra wear and tear from the salt and snow. This is a potential problem that you can avoid entirely by renting an indoor RV storage unit.


While you may intend on parking your RV in a location where it will not experience any accidents or collisions, this is not something that you can guarantee. Another vehicle could veer off the road and run into the RV, causing substantial damage that could have been avoided. So, you may find that putting your RV into a storage unit will give you peace of mind during the offseason.


When your RV is parked on your property, you will have to invest more time, effort, and money into upkeep. For instance, the tires will sustain additional wear and tear because the heat and sunlight can cause the tires to crack and peel over time. This is a problem that you will not have to deal with when you choose an indoor storage space for your RV that avoid all sun exposure.


Almost any RV is going to take up more space than even the largest of trucks or SUVs. This means that you may end up using a lot of your driveway just to park the RV. If you want to park your vehicles in the driveway and be able to invite people over who can also park in your driveway, you will find that this is much easier to accomplish when you do not have an RV in the way.

Renting storage for your RV during the off-season comes with many worthwhile benefits.


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