Tips For Saving Money On Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 6 February 2020

Do you need to use a self-storage unit, but you are not big on the idea of paying a lot of money for it? If that is the case, know that there are ways to save money while getting the storage you need. Follow these tips to lower your overall cost of self-storage.

Sign A Long-Term Rental Agreement

Know that you are going to need storage for at least a year? See if you can get a discount on your storage unit by signing a long-term rental agreement. You may be surprised at how much you can save by simply committing to an extended length of time using the storage unit. 

Ask About Discounts

It never hurts to ask about discounts. There may be existing discounts set up for seniors, military members, and students that allow you to save on your monthly cost of self-storage. You won't know if the discounts are there unless you ask, so it is definitely worth inquiring about before you sign a rental contract. 

Understand How The Contract Ends

If you cannot sign a long-term rental agreement, find out how the final days of renting the storage unit will work. Some require you to go month-to-month, while others will prorate the remainder of the month that you do not use. The latter can help save you a little bit of cash at the end of the agreement. 

Rent The Right Size

When it comes to storage units, bigger is not always better. You'll want to rent a unit that's the right size for what you need. It is common to be able to upgrade to a bigger unit if necessary, so don't be afraid to start small and move up to a bigger size as needed. 

Avoid Climate Controls If They're Not Necessary

You may be offered to rent a climate-controlled storage unit with the impression that it will keep your belongings safe. While having regulated humidity and temperature settings will protect your items in self-storage, it is only necessary in some situations. Many people use climate-controlled storage for things that are temperature-sensitive, such as musical instruments, furs, and items with leather. For the most part, climate controls will not be necessary for things that will survive just fine in extremely hot or cold weather conditions. If you are storing things like a sofa, mattress, and old clothing, those belongings will do just fine without climate controls. 


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