How To Choose A Safe Storage Unit When You Want To Protect Your Belongings From Theft

Posted on: 3 February 2020

A storage facility might seem like the ideal place for crime when the facility is deserted late at night. However, the presence of security features is often enough to keep thieves at bay and thwart their attempts at breaking in. If you're concerned about renting a storage unit because you're not sure if your belongings will be safe, then here are some things to look for when hunting for a safe storage facility.

Basic Security Features

A gated and fenced facility is more difficult for criminals to exploit. Look for a storage unit that's protected by a tall security fence and by a gate that requires a card or passcode to open. In addition, the facility should be well-lit at night and have surveillance cameras mounted throughout the grounds. Sometimes, simple security features are enough to deter criminals.

Alarms And Strong Locks

You'll probably be responsible for your own lock, so be sure to buy one that can't be broken open easily. You might want the advice of a locksmith on a good choice for a storage unit so the lock can't be opened with bolt cutters. A unit with an alarm is also a good option so a loud alarm sounds when someone tries to break into a storage unit. This can scare off a thief or at least make them work faster so they may bypass your complicated lock and look for easier units to break into.

Human Guards

Some storage facilities have guards on duty. They might man the gate or patrol the grounds during business hours. There might even be an apartment or house on the grounds for a live-in guard who can watch over the facility 24 hours a day. When you're looking at storage facilities, learn about all their security features, including the hours for guards, so you can judge if the facility is safe enough for your needs.

Indoor Storage

An outdoor storage unit you can drive up to is the most convenient, but it might not be as secure as a unit inside a locked building. Indoor storage protects your belongings much better since you'll need to get in the building with a key or go by a guard. This keeps people out of the building that have no use being there. The building may only have access during business hours and then is kept locked until the next day. In addition to being a safer type of storage, it is more inconvenient for criminals to carry off belongings from an indoor unit than it is an outdoor unit where they can park right beside the door.

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