Mobile Frac Tank Solutions

Posted on: 29 January 2020

Today's business climate requires mobility and tactical optimization. One of the keys to making sure your business has the resources on the ground it needs to get the job done is having access to materials like chemical solutions, oil, and gas. A mobile frac tank can provide a safe solution for all of your commercial and industrial storage and/or fueling needs.

Sludge and Environmental Remediation

Some of the biggest construction jobs aren't about building, they're about cleaning up someone else's mess. To properly clean up the world's biggest messes, however, you often need a seriously large and safe storage solution.

  • Sludge: from coal tailing to fracing and mining waste, sludge collection can be a major headache. This is particularly true in areas where onsite storage is prohibited. To make the job of collecting sludge manageable, you need an efficient means of temporarily storing and quickly transporting the sludge off-site. Double-wall mobile fracing tanks were designed just for this purpose. Not only will the double-walling ensure that the sludge is safely contained, but it can also be outfitted with turbopump systems for quick drainage. In addition to looking for tanks large enough to handle the volume of sludge you need to collect, you might also look for units that fit onto rail cars as they will provide another way to transport the sludge to or from the worksite.
  • Environmental Remediation: from collecting spilled oil to containing a chemical spill, environmental remediation is often a monumental undertaking. For non-corrosive substances, multi-use, closed-top, units are often ideal. For instance, if your company is tasked with cleaning up spilled crude oil from a  river, you can pump the collected oil into a closed-top mobile fracing tank and quickly transport the waste from the affected area. Because transported the fracing tank is often a substantial overhead cost, it's better to opt for a bigger tank. Thus, if you have the option to rent a 21,000-gallon tank or an 8,000-gallon tank, the bigger unit might be more expensive to rent, but save you money by eliminating the need transporting the tank multiple times.

Temporary Long Term Storage

If you need to access to, or a repository for, a substance on a job site for an extended period a polyethylene or "Poly" tank is likely your best solution. These lined hybrid plastic tanks are perfect for creating a mobile, temporary, and/or long term storage solution for a host of chemicals, fuels, and other commercial products.


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